It’s all in the details.

Composition is king. Then light and time.



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Wella World Studio NYC

In June we photographed the new Wella World Studio NYC, located at the corner of Broadway and Houston, for IA Interior Architects.  Wella Studios offers the latest information and instruction in technical development and trends in hair, fashion, and lifestyle. The space opened in early June with a celebrity guest list in attendance.

A manicured, well proportioned space. IA did a superlative job implementing hard and soft design elements— note the Italian Living Divani “Extrasoft” Sofa / Flokati Rug spec’d asymmetrically to each other and the rest of the floorplan.

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Autumn Whaling, Epilogue

It is hard to leave, and difficult to put into perspective. The Arctic isn’t easy, and for me therein lies its appeal. It is cold, dirty, and glorious. Things must be prepared for, lest the consequences be real and potentially life threatening. From Brooklyn to Barrow and back— this assignment was a pleasure, and leaves me wanting more of the same. We will see what comes next.

In terms of this body of work— this is the first pass. Within a months time I will re- edit the images and re-edit the text into a single narrative. Large prints for galleries.

Thank you very much to the 500 + people that signed up for my journal as I was writing.

In terms of the blog— there is going to be a hard right turn back to Architectural Photography and New York City.

-Ari Burling

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Autumn Whaling, Part 28

It has been a long, unique, and productive day. Standing on the periphery, I see that the work is far from over. For hours I have been shooting as close to the action as possible. I hope the images reflect this. Looking out into the night, I feel very fortunate. How beautiful today has been. Here, in a remote corner of the world, I was in the right place at the right time with a camera. I want more of this. Sunrise is in a few hours so I head back to the hotel to get some sleep.

One more frame.

Monday: Epilogue.

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