AC & St Stanislaus Kostka Church

We rejoin our usual summer already in progress here in New York City. Hot, humid— I miss the Arctic Circle and the polar vortex. What better assignment to get in touch with great feats of engineering than our recent shoot of St Stanislaus Kostka Church in Greenpoint?

2Exhibit A: Church built in 1896— Now resplendent with air conditioning courtesy of AKF Engineers. Photographing a church is a pleasure. Quiet, contemplative— stained glass. Check out the AC vents:  Hallelujah.


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Bungalow, Kitty Hawk, NC

On the Burling family vacation to Duck, NC, I took an early morning walk in Kitty Hawk— the town immediately to the south. Of course famous for its place in aviation history, Kitty Hawk also has a wonderful collection of beach houses ranging in architectural styles.

It is hard not to appreciate the utility and clean lines of this cedar shingled bungalow.

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Artifacts of Obsolescence

Bodie Island LighthouseBodie Island Light in Nags Head, NC, was completed in 1872. This one, the third incarnation built, is surely the last. Lighthouses are now obsolete. Their beacons, once a primary navigation aid, have been replaced by ship-board GPS systems. Will these monuments disappear? Perhaps not. For thousands of years, mariners have relied on visual navigation. Lighthouses are inexpensive, reliable, and ultimately, offer an extra level of protection in the event of an onboard system or technology failure.

That is, until the sailors themselves are no longer necessary…

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Deja Vu

2014 Wisdom Tree | VOA Architecture

2006 Solomon & Weinberg | TPG Architecture

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